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Woodland Elementary Joins the Construction Lineup, and Other Updates

In early April, the team met to review the technology and security measures for Central Elementary and Haverhill Elementary. They also reviewed the playground design and equipment, as each school will have a playground for upper and lower elementary students. Later in April, the team reviewed their inventory of books and supplies. The design team has incorporated creative solutions to ensure there is adequate storage for supplies and materials.

At the May 8 Board of Education meeting, Assistant Director of Operations Johnny Edwards informed the Board that Woodland Elementary will be the third elementary to be constructed. The projected construction schedule will begin in the summer of 2025, with the school opening in the fall of 2027.

On May 12, the leadership team met to review the Construction Documents for Central Elementary. Construction Documents refer to the paperwork that defines that work that is to be shared amongst the contractors and architects. The next step is for Owen-Ames-Kimball to put the work out to bid!

Central Elementary Sitework Begins



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