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"Spring Forward" with March Updates

It's that time of year when you set your clocks forward and cross your fingers that warmer weather is on the way! Tuesday, March 19th marked the first day of Spring, though snowy conditions remain in Michigan. Bundle up, stay warm, and check out some new updates from Central & Haverhill Elementary schools as construction progresses!


Central Elementary

Here is a sunny, aerial view of the project!

Pictured here is the setting of the roof joist (a horizontal structural member used in framing to span an open space) and structural steel

Here, spray foam is being applied to lower walls to start brick veneer

Structural steel joist bearing for the second floor!

Another view of setting the roof joist!

________________________________ __________________________________

Haverhill Elementary

Drone pictures were taken this month of the building! Below is a photo of the West side of the building:

And here is the Southwest corner of the building!

Pictured here are the Exterior A Conference, Principal & Wellness rooms

Area D 1st floor steel

Area B Exterior Cafeteria wall

Stay tuned for (hopefully warmer) April updates!



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