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Last Day of School Construction Updates

Last time you saw pictures of Central Elementary and Haverhill Elementary, there was snow on the ground and no roofs on the buildings! Check out the photos below to see how the schools have progressed since then.

Central Elementary

Over at Central Elementary, roofing crews are hard at work installing roof decking and ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (say that ten times fast!). EPDM helps with insulation and minimizes heat loss in the winter.

Around the school's exterior, masons are laying the colorful bricks to make up the building's façade.

On the inside, framing has started going up, shaping up the outlines of the learning studios.

Haverhill Elementary

While Haverhill has not gotten its framing quite yet, you can still see the beginnings of various spaces such as the front offices, learning studios, and cafeteria.

The large gathering stair is also taking shape.

In the future art room, rebar has been installed which will reinforce the incoming polished concrete floor.

You won't see floors in the rest of the school quite yet, as roofs have not yet been completed - it's very important to keep the polished concrete safe from rainwater to prevent discoloration.

And finally, some exterior updates! Only one exterior wall is missing, and once complete, it will form Haverhill's gymnasium. Similar to Central, masons have begun laying bricks around the exterior walls.

Stay tuned to this blog to watch as the progress continues to unfold!



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