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Designing Central Elementary School and Haverhill Elementary School

Throughout February and March, the team held a series of design meetings for Central and Haverhill Elementary Schools. First, they met to explore furniture designs for the schools. The furniture choices are designed to give teachers and students maximum flexibility and mobility, which will allow them to rearrange the classroom for small or whole group activities.

March 14 was a full day of meetings for the team – first, they met to discuss the Young 5 Learning Studio, the Education Supports & Intervention (ESI) Learning Studio, and the Flex Studio. Both schools will have flex studios that teachers and students can use to complete projects or participate in other fun activities. Next, they reviewed the main office and millwork. The main offices at both schools will include a reception area for two secretaries, seating area for visitors, conference room, staff lounge, principal's office, and a clinic. The third and final meeting was a review of the library and millwork. The libraries at both Central El and Haverhill will be in the "Heart" of the school, which students and guests will be able to see prominently located when entering the school. The libraries are also located across from the Gathering Stair, another reading space for students.

Finally, in late March, the team met twice. Once was to review all the specialty spaces at both elementaries, which include an art room, music room, gymnasium, and cafeteria. The other meeting was a review of the exterior materials for the schools.



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